Tragedy at Streamhill Farm (5th level)

A few years after the long drought Tessa was out playing in the forest with her friends. When she came home she discovered the bodies of her aunt and uncle in the front yard. They seemed to have been maimed by wolves and the house had been ransacked. She looked everywhere but could not find her parents. There was, however, a trail leading away from the farm across the fields.

Determined to find and rescue her parents Tessa and her friends set out to follow the tracks. They led back into the city, specifically the parts where few people went even before the people moved away. As they approached an old and seemingly abandoned house they were attacked by a pack of feral dogs. They fought them off but were severely injured in the process, and were forced to return to the city to seek help.

The people at the library were concerned that Tessa’s family had been killed, as they were the main provider of food for the city, and sent out a group to look for her missing parents. Tessa and her friends wanted to come along, but the scholars refused and even locked them up to ensure their safety…

After a few days they let them go, claiming her parents had been found dead, but they could not show her their bodies. The people from the rescue party refused to talk to Tessa, and started encountering lethal accidents. Tessa and her friends went back to the house where they had been attacked by the dogs, but there was nothing there. In fact, the place looked much too clean to have been abandoned for several years.

Frustrated and angry, Tessa went home to bury her family and clean up the house. She insisted on being alone, but her friends decided to keep an eye on her from afar. They set up camp in one of the older houses, a few hundred meters away from the main house, and try their best to remain hidden. Tessa figured out that they are there pretty much right away, but pretends not to. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, Tessa woke up feeling that something was not right. She decided to go to her friends, and arrive just in time to fight off two undead that had snuck up on them in their sleep.

They manage to kill the undead, using some vital information that Odinon had read in a book. When they inspected the undead closer, they discovered that they were Tessa’s parents. They hurried to the scholars in the library, but they were mostly annoyed at being woken up in the middle of the night. They eventually managed to convince the leader of the oathsworn to come and have a look, but when they arrived at the farm the small cottage where they left the undead was just a heap of glowing ashes. It had burned to the ground while they were away.

Tragedy at Streamhill Farm (5th level)

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