Streamhill Farm

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Streamhill Farm is located a few miles outside Erdaenos. The main house is located by the foot of a hill with a rapid stream running by. The farm has been in the Oakheart family’s possession for at least 7 generations (not counting Tessa) and is by far the richest farmstead in the entire region. The Oakheart family is firmly rooted in the community, and has sent many of its sons to study at the library – there have been many prominent faculty members and even Magisters by the name of Oakheart.

Despite being the richest farm Streamhill is by no means the largest. The main crops is wheat, but they also keep livestock and orchards. The secret to the family’s fortune lies in the stream. Many generations ago Tessa’s great grandfather decided to build his own mill, powered by the rushing water from the stream. He happened to have a grandson who was a prodigy engineer, so the mill they constructed was far more efficient than the competitors’. This allowed the family to produce a very high quality flour, without paying a share to the miller. They also had spare capacity to sell their services to OTHER farmers.

The combined farming and milling operation made Streamhill farm and the Oakheart family less susceptible to the hardships of droughts and bad crops, but even they could not withstand the Great Drought. Their orchards withered, their fields lay barren under the scorching sun and they could no longer keep any animals. Even the all important stream dried up. Tessa’s parents refused to leave though, their ties to the land were too strong. And while they had to sell some of their property to sustain themselves (including a mansion near the library) they did not starve and the farm was starting to slowly recover when Tessa’s parents died. Tessa is now struggling to restore the farm to its former glory and is doing a decent job. Although the scale is smaller, Streamhill Farm is still the richest farm in the region and now the main provider of food for the scholars in the city. Tessa has restored the orchards and has built a winery and cidery.

Streamhill Farm

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