Silver Mountain

Somewhere deep within the Harrowdeep lies Silver Mountain – a system of caves and mine shafts filled with precious metal veins and gemstones. Despite being a place of bounty with a functional mining operation, complete with rail carts and a refinery, the place lies deserted. Noone knows who made those mine shafts, not even the Faen.

The Faen told Tessa that some fifty years ago a Chorrim hero (a fearsome bandit, that is) by the name of Rhona lead her band into the depths to claim a share of the riches. Not a word was heard of them for many years. Eventually some of the bandits started to return, but they refuse to speak of what happened down there, or what came of their leader.

Other Chorrim shun the place and even their strongest warriors avoid the Returned (the word used by Chorrim for those who have returned from Silver Mountain). The Faen agree that the Returned are fearsome adversaries best avoided. The Returned are easy to identify by the fact that they all arm themselves with a trident. Curiously the Returned carry no riches from the Silver Mountain and seem to be shunning each other.

One particularly brave spryte once came upon a camp where one of the Returned were sleeping. She snuck up to have a peek at the trident lying by his side. She never touched it and only stayed for a brief moment, but she swears the weapon was oozing magic. While the stories of Rhona’s band of bandits vary on the details, all agree that they were most certainly not all armed with such an unusual weapon as tridents prior to entering Silver Mountain.

Silver Mountain

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