Hand of the Harrid (7th level)

The Harrid Rikkel Nevarstar led a gang of bandits from the outskirts of Erdaneos, a group of litorian and human outlaws who attacked travellers to and from the city. The Council in the Erdaneos Library addressed the problem several times, but it was never properly dealt with – in truth, because Nevarstar was paying off key members of the Library staff. Being a harrid, Rikkel had access to strange and exotic knowledge which interested these librarians enough to tolerate his presence – unfortunately for him, it did nothing to deter Odinon, Tessa, and Dzakdvor.

After an attack on a caravan from Thayn, the three descended upon and slew several of Rikkel’s minions. In retaliation, the Harrid raised them as undead creatures – easy due to the Dark streams present in Erdaneos – and sent them after the heroes, nearly slaying Tessa as she was caught unaware at home in her farmstead. Dzakdvor and Odinon reached her in the nick of time, hearing her call for help.

The Council of Librarians did not investigate the incident, which drew Odinon’s suspicions. Investigating the Council, he uncovered the corruption of a librarian named Odun Yann. Before he had a chance to uncover Odun’s schemes, he was discovered, and attacked. Fortunately, Dzakdvor had quietly tailed him during his investigations, and intervened, saving Odinon’s life and bringing a sudden and very messy end to Odun Yann.

With Odun dead, the trail between the Council and Rikkel grew cold. Councillors blamed Odun for the undead creatures, and declared the problem dealt with. Some other, unknown, man on the inside warned the harrid, and he fled Erdaneos before the three heroes could find him and kill him. His minions remained in his old lair, and the three attacked them and slew or arrested them – finding many great treasures.

Hand of the Harrid (7th level)

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