Power Trio

Eyes of Stone
Aftermath of a great battle

“Oh Gods – it hurts so much!” Odinon cried out as Tessa stood up from the ground where she’d lain. She looked at Odinon’s face and almost cried out in shock. Where his eyes had been was nothing but sheer… mess. It seemed like the vile creature they just fought had literally melted his eyes away. Somehow his tear ducts had survived though, and he was making good use of them right now. Rather than alarm him unnecessarily she snapped “Shut up!”. “You shut up!” was his not so witty response. Tessa turned to Zack “We need to get to a safe place.” Zack lifted Odinon up and led them to what amounted to a rabbit hole, rabbi thole a very overgrown rabbit though. “Can you fix it?” Odinon asked. “I need to prepare.” Tessa said, and promptly sat down to meditate.

After about an hour she stood up, went to the entrance of the hole and started walking around looking at the ground while muttering in sylvan. After a while she found what she was looking for, bent down and picked up a stone about the size of a sling bullet. She kept walking about, all the while muttering in sylvan. Sometimes she would stop to look at a stone, but apparently they weren’t to her liking and she quickly discarded them. Eventually found another stone that suited her though. As she picked it up Zack could see little sparks of green flying emanating from the stone.

Tessa put one stone on the ground and kept the other one in her hand. Then she went to Odinon and stroked the tears from his left eye. She started rubbing the stone with her wet hand, muttering now in Terran, now in sylvan and occasionally some other elemental languages. After a while she held the stone out to Zack “Here, grab this.” Zack could see that it was now perfectly smooth and exactly the size of a human eyeball. It also had a slight green sheen to it, almost luminescent. Meanwhile Tessa got working on the other stone, repeating the process with the teardrops, only now from Odinon’s right eye.

When she was satisfied with the stone she took the other one from Zack, blew gently at them, and held them over Odinon’s face. With a rather painful looking push she forced the stones into his empty eye sockets while her hands lit up with life energy – she was infusing them stones with life. She held her hands over the stones and started doing little movements, as if correcting strands of hair in a very complicated hairdo. Slowly Zack could see the stones turning more white and lifelike. Little red veins started spreading over the whites and an iris was forming. Finally Odinon’s eyelids grew back and he started blinking. Tessa kept muttering in sylvan and slowly Odinon started making out a dim grey light… then shadows… silhouettes and more and more details.

Odinon’s sight was still blurry, but as he looked up at Tessa he thought she looked a bit sad. “What is it?” He asked. Tessa opened her mouth, but hesitated. Odinon’s eyes had been bright blue, full of life and always with a glint of humor. Now they were a dull stone-like grey, and lacked a bit of the luster they used to have. He looked more… solemn, and perhaps a bit tormented. She batted these thoughts aside and smiled at him “There, good as new.”

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