Jory Miller

Rich and influential farmer in Erdaneos


Jory is the patriarch of the Miller family. Before Tessa’s great grandfather built his own mill, the millers had monopoly of the milling business in Erdaneos. Needless to say, they were not pleased by the Oakheart family’s success. Despite the competition, the Miller family were almost as successful and rich as the Oakheart family, mainly because their close ties to the librarians and Akashiks gained them favours. Lately, however, they have hit a rough patch.

The drought hit their business much harder than the Oakheart family and Streamhill farm, and despite his best efforts Jory has failed to adapt to the new conditions. He still has the contract for delivering flour and meat to the library, but Tessa’s luxury products are in high demand and is gaining her favour with some of the librarians. That said, Tessa keeps questionable company and have many enemies among the librarians that are willing to help Jory outmaneuvering her.

Jory Miller

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