Leader of the Akashic in Erdaneos


Leader of the Verrik Akashics. An immensely talented akashic, she is Dzakdvor’s aunt and chief instigator of his expulsion from the circle of Akashics. She considers him an anomaly, and in spite of his success as a defender of Erdaneos, pays him very little respect. By contrast, she rather admires Odinon and blames Dzakdvor for his falling away from the Akashic Brotherhood. If she could, she would re-enlist him into their ranks.

Ayanc is a stern-looking verrik woman with snow-white hair and sharp features. She is not yet fifty, although she appears older, with crow’s feet and rather severe asthma. Her apprentice, Sfiri, tends to her every need. Sfiri and Dzakdvor used to be rather close when they were younger, but due to Ayanc’s machinations they have slowly drifted apart.


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